River Heads

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Located 18 klms south of the city of Hervey Bay, the town is built on a narrow peninsula surrounded by the Great Sandy Strait (to the east), the mouth of the Mary River (south) and the mouth of the Susan River (a tributary of the Mary) to the west.

River Heads is a major departure point for vehicles to Fraser Island and has magnificent views of the island, the Great Sandy Strait and the Mary River estuary.

The boat ramp is suitable for launching a large range of craft and there is ample car and trailer parking available.

Rock fishing at the point will give you a good opportunity to land yourself an impressive catch as well as giving you the chance to admire the dolphins, turtles and dugongs which frequently pass by.

You can enjoy a picnic lunch at the point or a barbecue at Progress Park.

There is a shopping village with a hair salon, a café (best views of the river systems), a supermarket, a fitness centre, a real estate office and a bottle shop.

Vehicle permits for the island are available at the Barge Ticket Office, situated right at the point in River Heads.

Fraser Island Barges have several services daily from River Heads. Barge schedules and prices.