Is Lake Como in Italy a nice place to go cycling?

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Lake Como’s reputation precedes it, especially when it comes to cycling. Widely known for its spectacular variety of mountains, lakes and forests, aside from the high quality of the roads, it provides a wonderful experience. With that being said, cycling tours of Lake Como offers a wide range of possibilities for both experienced and new cyclists.

Cyclists can go straight to the hills via the main road, where the forests are located. Its closeness to the villages allows them to go for a few rounds before getting back on time to enjoy their favorite meal. One thing to keep in mind, though, is the traffic. The main road tends to be extremely narrow, specifically close to Bellagio, so it is important to be mindful of its lack of shoulder in certain areas while getting to the desired destination.

The experts at Follow My Wheel highly recommend adding Varenna and Ghisallo to the itinerary as well. The former’s road climbs above the lake, providing magnificent views to anyone that comes across this particular route, while the latter’s chapel of La Madonna del Ghisallo is a place that every cyclist should visit at least once, mainly because it’s a homage to the patron saint of cycling. An important thing to know is that the road is not precisely flat, making it great for people that also enjoy climbing. Two birds with one stone, ain’t that right?

One of the most famous climbs is Muro di Sormano, which is known as one of the most severe roads for cycling enthusiasts. It has an average gradient on the 17 to 25% range. One must not be fooled by its length of 1,700 meters, since this road is not for the faint of heart. For this particular road, body resistance is key. However, the views are worth the sacrifice, thanks to its surrounding forests.



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