Fraser Coast Attractions – Action, Adventure, Heritage, Fun!

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The Fraser Coast is just a three and a half hour drive north of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane. As one of the state’s most popular holiday destinations, the Fraser Coast is easily accessible, making it tourist and family friendly.

The protected waters of Hervey Bay offer a natural playground for thousands of majestic humpback whales and the Great Sandy Strait and its coastal villages are complimented by a coastline of pristine, white sandy beaches. The beauty of the Fraser Coast is not confined only to the coast. Heritage homes in Maryborough, national parks, native woodlands and the beautiful Mary River, combine to bring the best of the Fraser Coast Hinterland to visitors.

As part of the UNESCO recognised Great Sandy Biosphere, the region’s unique and diverse natural attractions are officially recognised in the same class as the Galapagos Islands and the Central Amazon.

Fraser Coast residents and visitors can find a wealth of information about the Fraser Coast by calling or visiting a Fraser Coast Visitor Information Centre. Addresses, contact numbers and opening hours of centres are below.

Post Author: Robert Chase