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Croydon Foundry Museum

The Croydon Foundry Museum is a valuable piece of Maryborough’s history that gives an insight into one of the city’s major industries during the last century.

The foundry was established by English immigrant William Stevenson in 1908 and operated in Maryborough until 1968. It produced the popular Croydon fuel stoves and boiler stands along with agricultural, mining and timber milling machinery and equipment for Queensland’s sugar mills.

The museum is located in the original Croydon Foundry office which was moved to its present site in 1944.

Croydon Foundry Museum
30 Ferry Street, Maryborough.

Open: Tuesday – Friday: 10am to 2pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm
Closed public holidays. Entry is free of charge.

Croydon Steel Oven

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